Sunday, January 17, 2010


Originally, the Screw Email blog only worked if people sent me their letters. Maybe once we get a real following people will send more letters, but for now, there are far more readers than writers/sharers.

So the blog went into indefinite hibernation.

In one of the other plotlines of my life, I go to estate sales and garage sales all the time. Most people pick through the boxes of abandoned vintage postcards for ones that are still blank. I get excited when I find a box full of cards full of old postmarks and hidden stories. This is the ephemera we're losing with texts and email. This is what I love.

The families may have overlooked their loved ones' buried treasures, or may not need the physical bits to hold the memories. Still, I'm changing names and addresses, and if you realize this is someone you know, I'm contactable the way I've always been contactable.

Enjoy, and keep sending your letters! It's good to mix things up!

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