Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Learning to Write Love Letters, Dream

June 27, 2004

Dear Trevor,

You said to write you love letters... I honestly don't know how to do that having never written one in my life, of course. I've never felt for anyone what I feel for you. So how about I start off with thinking of you and missing you letters and progress from there.

So, first, before I forget, the dream I wouldn't tell you over the phone: It started really strange. You were supposed to drive me and Esther to this hotel and we could see the sign from the road, but you wouldn't turn when I thought you should so we ended up at this, I don't know what to call it, kind of a mix between a museum and Disney Zone. Esther thought maybe this place connected to the hotel so we went in and climbed through all these tunnels and trap doors and at the end, Esther was disappointed because the hotel wasn't there. So I went back out to you and for some reason, I decided to walk through this neighborhood that happened to be between this place and the hotel. Well, I'm walking through and this guy in a tan speedo on roller skates goes past and then starts moving really slowly. I'm already suspicious because who roller skates anymore, especially in speedos. He turns on me and forces me to the ground and the speedo is gone and his trying to force himself on me but I manage to keep him at arms length and scream bloody murder. The people in the house we were in front of looked out the window but didn't do anything. Then Michelle from Deerfield came up and pulled him off me and you came up behind her, and then I woke up. Weird, isn't it?

Any way, theris a beautiful view of the lake from my window and it's freakishly cold. The people in my cabin are all pretty nice, though a lot of them aren't around a lot. One girl still hasn't gotten here yet. So to pass the time, we speculated about when she would get here. Other than that, nothing has really happened. Theris another girl in my cabin who likes Broadway as much as I do and we've already exchanged some music. I got a lot of work done today on something I'm writing, but now I'm stuck so I've been watching the cursor blink for a while.

Once we get the front room of the cabin (where the counselor would sleep) I'll have a desk to write on and my handwriting will get better. I've got to buy stamps before I send this, so it might not get out tomorrow because I think the post office opens after I go to class. Running out of paper. Another letter later.

Much love,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Post-Band Camp Romance

Dear Julia,

Imagine right now you hear your doorbell and so you go and open your door and there on your front steps is me. I'm on my knees and I'm begging your eternal forgiveness and I'm offering myself as sacrifice to you. Okay now wake up and realize that even though that's what I should do I'm really just writing you a letter listening to Stayin' alive rejoicing I'm FINALLY out of school

I thought about telling you the reason I didn't write but I was afraid of your wrath. Oh what the heck I might as well, you threatened me with the Hungarian mafia and, well, the truth is, I really wanted to see what the Hungarian mafia looked like. I haven't talked to you for so long I guess I have a lt to tell you. First on the list: This year sucked. Okay that was relatively painless. Second: this summer I won't be going to camp. My orchestra is going on tour so I'll be in New Zealand and Australia. I'm playing a concerto in the Sydney Opera house. (Pee in my pants.) My summer won't suck. And third on the list: My senior year of High School will be at Interlochen Academy. This is all well and good but my parents have made me independent and have stopped supplying the green. I get to pay all my expenses from now on (more pee in my pants). I really feel guilty for not writing, but I'd like you to know I kind of lost touch with reality and the only person I've talked to for a long time has been spank-ass (my flute).
I really really miss you and I hope you'll write me back.
Oh, and by the way, I've thought a lot about last summer and I've come to realize that the only thing I regret was breaking the whole thing with you off. I'm still in love with you.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9/11/2001 High School Note

September 11, 2001
So what's up? Wow, today has been a
day! 1st I have this impossible math quiz, then I hear about all these attacks, then I take this impossible physics test, and FINALLY at lunch, I hear that Joanna and Zach are BACK TOGETHER. WOW!!!
Ok- you know the whole story about Joanna liking some freshman so that's why she told Zach she wanted a break? Well, if you don't, DON'T TELL ANYONE I TOLD YOU, b/c I was suppose to keep it secret. But you probably already knew, sooo... today I heard that the guy got a girlfriend so Joanna doesn't like him anymore. At lunch I asked her if she likes Zach, and she said yes. But that's not what she said 2 days ago. Anyway, I think it was Abby that told me right after lunch that they were back together. Wow, way to treat him like shit! Sorry, that was harsh, but you know she still likes the other guy and only feels bad for Zach... Whatever. I still think she's bogus. So anyway, these attacks are crazy. I spent all of 2nd pd and 4/5 watching the news. in 2nd pd. we actually saw the 2 building collapse LIVE. It was so freaky then everything is closed downtown, etc. I'm sure you've heard. It bothers me so much when people are like "yeah war!" in the halls. That's so not even funny. It was freaky- on the news they said that this was the biggest terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor. That is insane. Wow. Anyway, I better go. I'm falling asleep... Tonight I'm going to bed at 10:00. -No PSAT class! Anyway, see ya later

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear Aunt Bobbie

Dear Aunt Bobbie. I love your dress. Im going to try it on just to make shure that it fits. School is fine, in fact we had a theam night. My class studied simple machines like pulleys wheels and inclined planes. Anyway theam night was fun. At theam night you get a little note pad. The note pad is for your stamps. You get stamps at every class you stop at and look at what they studied. In the simple machines classroom you try to lift a teacher. It is easy you could use your thumb. It is easy because the person your lifting is close to the fulcrum that makes it easyer. We set up other games that have to do with wheels pulleys and inclined planes.

Love: SophieTo: Bobbie

Sunday, August 24, 2008

letter to camp, circa 1997


Lookee here you little person, I'll write you a letter as long as I want with as many words as I want, k? So I just talked to your mom within 10 min. until I would receive your postcard (that dinky little thing) which I may add was 12:33 exactly a few seconds until my favorite time of day. Julie Gilbert cried yesterday you'll find out why later but she's still pouting. Your mom told me to ask you when your performances are (I also want to know) and she wants to know whether or not she & the fam should attend. U stay cool 2 your 'rents. HA. I too can write YM or teen. If you say no & those dates are 7/24-7/27 they may attend my show. By the way the Stari joke was by no means necessary or funny anyways. You know who I still want anyways. (Besides all of them) P.D.B (Hee Hee) I miss you. It's funny. Today I was talking about how I miss you & then I got your letter this afternoon. I'm home alone thank God & both of my parents are unemployd. Needless to say I've been raising other people's kids to expand my wardrobe. It's working. In the meantime I'm thinking about you. You are always right. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Ms. Adelaide!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Real letters, cards, notes, etc. Written by real people. Sent to real people. Pen, pencil, typewriter, blood; on parchment, notebook paper, greeting card, cocktail napkin. Doesn't matter. These are the things we keep stashed away. They stay special. Email has its place, but it doesn't hold that power. It lacks the sense of permanence and we will never show the long string of "143!!!" "<3 <3 <3" "Thinking of U" messages sent via beloved's Blackberry to our grandchildren.

So screw email.
Fuck email.
Write a letter. Send a card.
If you should be so lucky as to receive a letter, share it! With us! With the world! Send them to me at jillhannahcrafts@yahoo.com.

If you just type up the contents of the letter, please be sure to say on what the letter was written (ie "clean notebook paper, written in purple gel pen"). Names will be changed. If you send me a picture/scan of the actual letter that's even better. I can photoshop names out if necessary.

Now go dig through your shoebox.